About Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business

Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) was of the first ones to propose an idea to a business community to collaborate for the sake of corruption combating in the corporate sector conditions development.

The basic principles of anti-corruption behavior of RSPP members were approved at RSPP’s Board Meeting in February 2012.

This document became a basis for Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business that was signed by RSPP, RF CCI, OPORA ROSSII, and PO «Business Russia» with D. Medvedev’s, the Prime Minister, participation.

The essence of the document is in the implementation of anti-corruption programs and practices that affect not only the situation within companies, but also relationships with business partners and the government.

The Charter covers the rejection of preferences and procurement on the basis of public tenders, risk assessment, due diligence, financial and commercial controls, direct and indirect employment (including recruitment), assistance to law enforcement agencies, and other measures.




Anti-Corruption Charter

Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business